Hey. Glad You're Here.

I've often been asked why I write. I've also been asked why I write so much. And when in the world do I possibly find the bloody time? My only and simple answer... "I write all the time. I can't seem to help myself."

I knew back in high school that I loved to write. I was good at it (so said Mr. Meyers, my English teacher.) But it wasn't until my mid 30's that it really hit me...I NEEDED to write. It was something inside me. My muse had been trying to seduce me since childhood, but I failed to really recognize her for decades. All is well now, however. We finally found each other. 


Today, I have stumbled and bumbled my way into the building and selling of several successful advertising agencies, developed over 20 feature screenplays, written and published 3 books in the categories of Business, Memoir, and my favorite...Thriller Mystery. From fiction to non-fiction, poetry, even music, I write...because that's what I was built to do.


So, enjoy my new blog, if you have the time and interest. Short, candid, and sweet, it too is written from the heart. I encourage your interaction and response in all of it.


Thanks for visiting.

— D.


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