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MY SWEET SUICIDE - My very first film...

I often refer to it as my "student film' except that I was not even in school. By the time I wrote, produced and directed this little gem, I had four children to feed and a mortgage to pay. But the film...yeah, it's priceless — The story of a young man who sees no reason to go on living...and the whacked girl he stumbles across who only wants to help... She just happens to find suicide as the absolute coolest way to go.

NO Trace Poster.jpg

THE FAMILIAR - Call me twisted, but I just love a scary story. And this one was motivated by an old castle just up the hill from my home. Long abandoned now, it sits up there, just begging for a film like this. Witches are cool. But what makes a witch a witch? And from whence do her powers come? Ah, yes...the Familar Spirit, attached to the witch from the day she is born, it is a dark and jealous lover.


SPIRIT WALK - The local Sherrif, a native Wiyot tribal son, patrols the seldom traveled backwoods of Humboldt County in northern California. In his time, he has seen a Grizzly attack or two... but nothing like this. One after the other, brutal deaths bloody the forgotten trails by the razor-edged claws of a giant. These deaths, however, are more than bizarre... appearing to be planned, premeditated, and strategically executed.


THE POISON QUEEN - The only thing I love more than witches are pirates. So as I ventured boldly forward to write a bloody, swashbuckling adventure, I had no idea whom my research would dig up. Honestly, I never imagined the world's most notorious pirate...was a woman. Based on an entirely true, historically documented story...Ching Shih, a young prostitute in 1775 became the notorious leader of the largest fleet of raiding pirates in the China Sea. So fierce was she, that the French, the English, and the Portuguese trembled at the sight of her red flags fluttering in the wind on the horizon. Unable to be apprehended, her conquests eventually brought the Chinese Emporer to his knees.


BIRD IN A CAGE - If you've read my blog's, you may have stumbled across my latest, upcoming novel (of the same name). If so, you will also remember this is one of my most favorite scripts I ever much so, I felt it needed to become a novel as well. Combing two separate yet distinct worlds...each unfolding almost a century apart...a young savant is discovered singing in the dark of night in the halls of a mental asylum. With the voice of an angel...the question and where did she learn to sing like this?

WOLVES OF ROME - In partnership with RiverRock Films and Paul Bunch, this screen adaptation of Valerio Massimo Manfredi's novel is based on the true story of two Germanic brothers who are stolen away from the forest tribe to be trained as blood-stained soldiers in the Roman army. Swearing an oath to each other, the younger falls victim to the intoxicating pleasures of the empire, while the elder remains strong, secretly planning his vengeance and what has become known in the pages of history as the greatest battle Rome ever...lost.


PARANORMALCY - Another to screen, is Kiersten White's best-selling series; Paranormalcy. It's a bizarre world of vampires and monsters in which one young (teenage) woman discovers her own unusual powers in the hunt for a powerful, soul-sucking being is eliminating all other paranormal entities in the world on its vengeful destroy her. Great series of books...even better movie! 


SNOWPLOW - Down on his luck and ready to throw in the towel on his career, marriage, and life...a young professional film producer is taken on the ride of his life, uncovering the dark and seedy world of child slavery. Bought and sold before anyone even realizes they are missing, he vows to blow the lid off the ringleader's entire operation...forming a rogue team of the most unexpected heroes.


NO TRACE - Nobody believes in Bigfoot anymore. But, go camping for the weekend and suddenly everyone is terrified of him. Rightfully so. In an extremely remote area of rugged mountains, difficult to reach even by helicopter, a group of college researchers finds themselves outnumbered and hunted by a living legend intent on protecting their remaining territory and keeping all as it has been for centuries.


GOLDFEATHER - In the most ridiculous story I've ever written, the sexual appetite and dashing good looks of James Bond are unleashed from a well-meaning, yet somewhat dense duck. Despite his lack of intelligence or skills, Goldfeather is somehow able to get the job done...but not without almost destroying the entire planet in the process.



Fulfillment Poster-2013-V3.jpg

THE FULFILLMENT - What would happen if somebody got a hold of blood cells containing the DNA of Christ? a nutshell, the fulfillment of Holy Scripture and the end of the world. That's what this story is all about...a brilliant genetic scientist who cracks the code of the human genome and cell regeneration and finds himself way over his head in a diabolical plot to bring about the second coming of Christ. The moral of the story, however, is.."You can clone the body, but you cannot clone the soul." 








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