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I wrote a story, a frightening story...that could actually happen — Man creating God. Scientifically, the idea of creating a human from a single strand of DNA is quite feasible. Regeneration, the more "artistic" approach to gene mapping, is also a scientific discipline with the added help of brilliant artificial intelligence, in which human DNA is rebuilt from dead cells. Like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, the computer "guesses" at any missing details and fills in the blanks.

What would happen then, if some lunatic scientist was to stumble across the ancient blood cells of Jesus Christ? He would launch the world into what is known as the Second Coming...and usher in the end of time. Now that's a scary prospect, and one that fulfill scripture in a bizarre and twisted way. And yet, with the blood covering the Shroud of Turin, that ancient burial garment that covered the body of Christ after his crucifixion, we have had these very blood cells in our possession for a few thousand years. We simply have not had the knowledge or understanding of what to do with them. Until now.

THE FULFILLMENT is a dark and disturbing script I wrote back when they first cloned Dolly the sheep. It danced its way through Hollywood over the years, collecting dust, coffee cup stains, and sitting in giant piles of other forgotten screenplays. At one point, it was given the green light, cast, and set for production with an entire crew, including myself, flown to Philadelphia where we set up production offices in an old abandoned mental hospital (talk about scary,) only to have the financial plug pulled at the very last moment. For whatever "behind-the-scene" reason, it all fell apart and we all flew home, each with a massive hangover.

But still, my story, this lives. It has received some of the best "professional" coverage from independent resources. Everyone who reads the script shivers at the thought of it and the idea that Christ could actually come again...and we, humankind, could be the ones destined, even prophesied, from the beginning of time bring it about. In the beginning, God created man. In the end, man tries his hand at it, and basically screws everything up.

It's a beautiful story....even if, in the end, it does destroy us all.

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