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Mr. Henry Nibble is no longer a mouse much given to adventure...especially not on such a frightfully cold Christmas Eve. But something incredible, something in the air coming from just outside his front door, has lured Henry from the cozy comfort of his safe little home. And what awaits a Christmas adventure this little mouse never could have imagined!

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After honing his craft in the brutal halls of the advertising industry, then paying with his blood writing films in Hollywood,

D. Michael Flanagan turned his pen to novels and the never-ending pages of his mind-bending thrillers. 




All but forgotten, there is a decaying, old mansion,

in the rich Palisade Hills just beyond Los Angeles.

Long abandoned, it remains anything but empty...


A young woman, murdered at the height of her rock-and-roll fame, cannot rest until someone finally uncovers the truth behind her brutal death. 

Now is that time...

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BIRD IN A CAGE — A true savant is one born with certain innate “gifts.” Brilliant and miraculous abilities, defying explanation, these strange individuals haunt the pages of time.


Emily Parker is one such savant, trapped and forgotten in a mental asylum until accidentally discovered... singing in the dead of night. Her gift is as unexplainable as it is undeniable. Far more than what the eye can see, she is caught between two distinct, yet very different worlds, sharing her current hopeless existence with that of a rising1930's Chicago jazz singer. 



I fell completely in love with this mysterious world

     of the "savant" and the burning question...

               "From where does intelligence come?"

                                        — D.Michael Flanagan


WOMAN WITH A PORCELAIN DOLL — An incredible tale based upon the true story of a prostitute at the turn of the century who manages to turn her talents into a vast fortune, only to lose it all in a ghastly murder. Over a century and long forgotten, in a lonely grave with no marker, she refuses to allow the truth to remain buried.


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